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Grass Stains, Inspired

When we began Grass Stains, we were looking for inspiration on the direction of our business and what we wanted it to represent. We looked to several quotes by Rebekah Whittle that gave us a foundation to base the spirit of the brand upon. In her quotes, she discusses themes of empowerment, success after hardship, finding oneself, and dreaming unapologetically.

We felt so inspired by these quotes that we chose to display them in our dressing rooms. Our guests can pick the characterization they most identify with; whether that be The Confidant, The Dreamer, or The Explorer, and read the poem while they try on the clothes to further discover their inner beauty. We believe that the intention behind what we do and wear each day is as important (if not more) than what that article of clothing is.

At Grass Stains, we want to empower women to go confidently into each day being their strongest and most authentic selfs. Once, we met a customer who was trying on a dress she loved, but commented that she felt there was no where for her to wear this dress. In Grass Stains, our goal is to create a wardrobe that you can wear anywhere, not because that’s what you’re expected to wear, but because you feel great in your own skin. Wear an evening gown to pump gas, or sneakers on a date-whatever makes you feel most authentically you.


Below are the poems from Rebekah Whittle, featured in our College Station shop!

The Confidant

The wind sings secrets beneath the trees

She collects them for safekeeping

Gently picking each word up

Close toward her chest

She peers through the mist

Listening intently for a whisper

Seeing past facades

To draw those around her deeper

Trust matures with the seasons

Connection, slowly cultivated

As the leaves usher in new light

Reservations fall away

The Dreamer

Worries we knew not

Chasing the waves with the sand

Until the sun slept

The simplest of days

I close my eyes and breathe it in

The sweetness of the ocean air

And the seas sing quiet melodies

Beckoning me home

We were younger then

It is nights like these I remember most

When the cars are bigger than both my eyes

And my hand can’t block the moon

The Explorer

Just once I longed to feel the rush of chaos

And the unsure grounds beneath my aching bones

So I traded my comfort for a taste of the unknown

And set out on a voyage past the break of naivety

A traveler, I have become

Changed in an instant

Humbled in the presence of simplicity

I have nowhere to be but everywhere

Even now, when the winds usher the trees to change

I exchange my comfort for clarity

In reverie, I returned to find myself where I left her

A traveler, I remain


Which are you? The Explorer, The Dreamer, or The Confidant?

Come visit our Century Square shop and ask us about our favorite quotes from these inspiring messages.

Open Monday-Sunday next to Lululemon!

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