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Slow Fashion Wins the Race | Grass Stains | College Station

What is Slow Fashion?

Have you ever heard the term “slow fashion”? If not, you’ve probably heard of the term “fast fashion” to describe the business model of popular retailers that duplicate designer looks and have them in stores everywhere quickly after the design was debuted on the runway. Although good for many trend-setters and fashion-forward customers, due to the extremely high turnover rate, these clothes tend to be cheaply made from low quality, inexpensive fabrics that wear out quickly. Now think of the impact you could make finding a great dress, top, or pair of shoes that is not only in-style but also long lasting, sustainable, and ethically made. Enter: slow fashion.

Are you ready to move towards sustainable fashion but don’t know where to start in the Bryan/College Station area? Look no further because Grass Stains boutique in Century Square is your one-stop-shop for stylish, sustainable, and ethical fashion!

We at Grass Stains believe whole-heartedly in the slow fashion movement and aim to provide you, our friend, with a wide selection of sustainably and ethically made clothes that not only make you look good, but also make you feel good! When you’re looking for that perfect date-night outfit, game-day dress, or if you’re ready for a seasonal wardrobe refresh come by our Century Square store and take a look at our selection of brands that will let your true beauty shine while you support ethical and environmentally friendly fashion (we love a multitasker).

The brands below are a few of our favorite slow brands that we stock at our College Station shop!


Tribe Alive

At Tribe Alive, their team uses their products to empower women around the world to find financial freedom through safe and meaningful employment at living wages. Measuring success by impact and moving the fashion industry towards a human approach. We offer Tribe alive apparel, bags, jewelry, and accessories at our shop right next to Texas A&M!

Repurposed Wrangler

The classic Americana denim brand takes an ethical approach with repurposing their classic jeans into super stylish and on-trend jeans, shorts, and skirts. Repurposed Wrangler proves that sustainable fashion does not always have to start at the source. Elongating the life of the product provides an opportunity for more customers to use garments and to lengthen the consumption cycle. Here in Aggieland we love tradition, and what’s better than giving a traditional brand even more action in our closets?

Etica Denim

Etica is rooted in the ideals of fair labor practices and environmentally conscious manufacturing. Offering premium fabrics, vintage inspired washes, and refined fits to satisfy your desire for extraordinary quality at attainable prices. Etica reduces environmental impact by eliminating the use of harmful chemicals that not only protect the environment but also the protect the health of their consumers.


Ethically Beautiful

Now you’ve stocked up on long-lasting and beautiful denim, dresses, and tops; what’s missing from your slow fashion collection? Beauty products! Here at Grass Stains, we hope our clothes provide you with an outlet to express yourself and allow you to feel the most beautiful you. In addition to looking the part, our shop stocks several ethical, sustainable, and cruelty-free products!

French Girl

Bring a taste of France to your College Station skincare routine! Skincare products by the eco-luxe brand, French Girl, are created to provide luxurious products for everyday self-care, which they do by continuously researching and sourcing high-quality ingredients that are not only sustainable for the planet but also their producers. “Environmental impacts, fair trade, and labor practices are all part of the clean beauty equation”

Olio E Osso

The Olio E Osso team, consisting of a diverse set of smart, capable, and dedicated women, love making products that support local communities by sourcing and hand-pouring all Olio products in the USA. The Oregon based company utilizes an all-natural base of nourishing olive and shea oils, bound together with natural beeswax and grapefruit essential oil.

What can you do?

Now, take a load off and hop on the extremely chic slow-fashion train with us. Stop by Grass Stains in Century Square and help us stop the fast-fashion cycle and re-wear, re-cycle, and purchase from sustainable and ethical brands like Tribe Alive, Etica, French Girl, and others! We’ll see you soon in Century Square, right next to Lululemon! Ask us what’s new in slow fashion in our shop and sign up for our emails to receive 10% off your next purchase towards a more sustainable future in fashion!

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